Sustainable Brands is the largest global community of forward-thinking brands and professionals.

We bring together ideas and case studies for business that understand that sustainability is not just an environmental responsibility, but a key driver of brand value.

In additional to Kuala Lumpur, our 2016 conference circuit includes Barcelona, Bangkok, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego and Sydney.

Listen and learn from world renowed experts in the field of sustainability.

Gerald Miranda
CEO Zenith Media Group
Convenor Sustainable Brands KL 2016

01 & 02 November 2016

Connexion@Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

The Sustainable Brands calendar this year covers 11 countries worldwide including Kuala Lumpur 1-2 Nov 2016.

Why Attend?

As the demand for business services continues to soar, brand leaders are confronted with uncertainties which lead to a complex set of challenges.

Activating a successful and purpose-led brand requires a new way of thinking and collaboration with international thought leaders.

Who Should Attend #SB16KL?


I seek to solve social problems that alleviate, or altogether eliminate, resource tensions along the way.


I believe leadership stems from brands that have awareness of the impact they have on the world around them.


I encourage purpose-driven voice and invite stakeholders on interactive, co-creative journeys.


I seek skillful, sensitive design that leads to radical innovation and heightened shared value.


Supply chain disruptions are not an option. I strive for enlightenment across the entire value chain.


I encourage embedded sustainability-driven behaviors and pro-active management to drive change from within.

The Sustainable Brands fraternity comprises some of the leading brands
in the world today


Be a part of this world class conference to help to make this a
more sustainable world!
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